Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Handmade Dorm: Campus Clutch

UPDATE 3/31/13 *** There have been quite a few people that have been having issues downloading the tutorial  Please know that the tutorial is posted as a free pattern on Craftsy. Click the link below and then click the "download pattern" button on the right side of the Craftsy page to get the full tutorial. A download will then start for a PDF that has the full tutorial. Also some people are upset that the tutorial is in the PDF format, while I am sorry that its not what you wanted, it is a lot easier for me to post and share tutorials in this format.  Again comments and suggestions are greatly appreciated!***

YAY! New series!

Next year is going to be my first year living on campus, in a dorm. (EEEK!) 

For the first two years that I've been in college, I stayed living at home. This was a really tough decision for me but it gave me a chance to save money and be able to graduate with less debt. While it has been great to be able to be at home with my animals and family, I am very excited to be able to start this new part of my life. But, me being me, my room is going to be a bit different that other dorms.. my dorm will be "handmade"!! 

Totes, boxes, storage, decor, Im making it all! Well at least as much as I can..

First in this series, is the Campus Clutch! 

On a college campus, any college campus, your student ID is your ticket to the world. Its your room key, your meal pass, your ticket into sporting games and all campus activities, and on large campuses its a campus debit card too. You cant go anywhere on campus with out that thing and you NEED to be able to access it quickly (you so do not want to be the person holding up the line into the dining hall because you cant find your ID in the bottom of your ridiculously large and messy purse). Speaking of over sized purses, no one carries them on campus, few people carry any purse at all. 

Combining these two well known campus facts inspired my Campus Clutch. Large enough to fit your phone with a snug card pocket on the outside, the Campus Clutch is the perfect accessory for running around campus!


  1. The link to Craftsy has a link back to this page for the Tutorial.

    1. the "tutorial" is the free pattern on Craftsy thats available to download. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Yes, I wish it working but its not.